Todd Takes Over TAIT with Deadmau5’s Kinetic Cube

For our first ever TAIT Take Over, Todd Vernon, one of our Project Managers, brings you behind the scenes showcasing our kinetic cube for Grammy Nominee and Multi-Award winning electronic music producer and performer, DeadMau5!

 “Being with TAIT is an opportunity to work at the forefront of what’s possible with entertainment technology.” – Todd Vernon

Thanks for stopping by and watching the first take over. It was a fun experience, and I hope you enjoy it. After filming with go pros, cell phones and I-Pads, I present to you, nearly 2 minutes of Project Management with me, and the one and only, DeadMau5 on this insanely awesome kinetic cube!

My name is Todd Vernon and I am 29 years old, from Queensland, Australia. I am a concert touring project manager at TAIT.  For this TAIT Take Over, I will be taking you behind the scenes of DeadMau5’s show at the Veld Music Festival in Toronto, Canada. For this project, we provided a kinetic robot screen for DeadMau5. It is 3 screens mounted to ABB robotic arms that can move in 6 axis of motion. Once I landed in Toronto, I visited the site and checked in with my team to make sure we were ready to load in all of the equipment for the following morning. The next day we were onsite at 8am. We were able to unload the trucks and have everything set up by around 3:30pm. We then continued to program the robots and test them. The festival was in agreement with us, and we didn’t have to move or relocate the cube since it weighs 12 tons; therefore, it remained in the center of the stage. Luckily, I had a bit of a break before the show that night, since some of the vendors still had to set up; so, I caught up on some of my other work which includes reporting information back to our team, preparing and working on bids, and contacting clients on existing projects. Later that night, I was back on site to make sure everything ran smoothly for the show.

The final outcome of DeadMau5’s show was pretty amazing. Seeing the fans go wild for the robotic, kinetic cube was awesome. And, to have DeadMau5 give us a shout out after he performed was so cool. He’s such a great artist.

“Working for TAIT has allowed me to do and experience things I would have never considered when I was starting out in the industry. Likewise, being with TAIT is an opportunity to work at the forefront of what’s possible with entertainment technology. And, that, is what keeps me energized while working here. We are constantly coming up with new concepts.” – Todd Vernon

“I gotta thank TAIT Towers for building the [cube]!” – Deadmau5

Watch this space for the next TAIT Take Over – one of our Technical Leads just may be taking you to MARS!

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