All aboard with Chris Soukas as he takes over Celebrity Solstice

This is Chris Soukas. He’s a Support Integrator at TAIT HQ. In this episode of #TAITTakeOver, Chris shares his day to day responsibilities and takes you on a cruise ship to conduct a standard site inspection. Join him as he travels the world, answers support tickets and competes in heated foosball games! Watch now!

Hi. I’m Chris Soukas.

I am a Support Integrator at TAIT headquarters.

This is my TAIT Take Over.

In past TAIT Take Over’s, we explained what permanent installation projects are. Once a permanent installation project has been installed and commissioned, the support department takes over.

Support works with the customer to inspect, maintain and operate their TAIT gear.

My day to day varies but you could either find me onsite or at TAIT headquarters.

When I am at the office, I’m typically posting reports or I am on call and addressing support tickets or you could find me in a heated game of Foosball.

Our clients rely on us to travel the world and be onsite in a moments notice.

Today, Jamie and I are boarding a cruise ship for site inspection.

It takes two TAIT employees to conduct a standard site inspection.

As a support Integrator, I am responsible for checking the controls components while my colleague Jamie Cordell from the TAIT Vegas office is responsible for the mechanical components.

Growing up, I worked in a variety of service jobs where I would have a limited impact on someone’s day.

The opportunity that TAIT has given me working in the live event industry allows me to impact the lives of not only the high-profile clients we work with, but also the hundreds and thousands of fans.

We may not all be rock stars but when we work together as a team to create solutions for our clients, it sure feels like we are.

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