TAIT Brings Baku’s 4th Islamic Solidarity Games to New Heights

TAIT was pleased to be engaged as the flight specialists by Betty Productions Limited, the creators and Directors of Ceremonies of The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. The Games were a multinational, multi-sport event held by the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation in Baku, Azerbaijan. As described by the Federation, the Games showcased the beauty of the city and highlighted the universal story of peace and hope while celebrating the enormous global contribution imparted by the Islamic civilization.

In sharing that universal story of peace and hope, the opening ceremony follows a young Azerbaijani girl and her kite, on her journey of understanding and discovery. TAIT provided two aerial systems to work in conjunction with each other. The first; comprising of four catenary lines with the option to run tracking 3D bridles, provided the ability to fly heavy scenic elements in 3D to a high level of precision. The second; a stadium-wide 3D bridle system, provided a flexible solution for flying performers and props over a large area. Together these systems were used for multiple dynamic flights of the young girl and her kite, larger than life scenic pieces and acrobatic performers.

“The system performed exactly to spec and in some instances, we managed to get more out of it than we originally expected. Quick changes, smooth testing and incredible calmness under pressure added to the creative flexibility of the show.”- Dave Williams, Head of Technical – Ceremonies, Wonder Works

TAIT’s package of motion control tools allowed Betty Productions, in collaboration with Wonder Works, to pre-animate all flight paths using industry standard animation software. TAIT’s animation toolkit then allowed for creative flexibility throughout the programming and rehearsal process and verified all flights for safe and seamless play back via eChameleon, a motion control platform.

eChameleon operated the following flights:
Opening Ceremony:
1. Identity – Mina with her kite
2. Identity – Aerial performers suspended from helical structures
3. Knowledge – Mina with her kite
4. Dream – Mina atop the mythical Simurgh
5. Inspiration – Mina with her kite
6. Inspiration – Aerial performers attached to pyrotechnic Catherine Wheels

Closing Ceremony: Weighing in at 1,700 kilos, the Closing Ceremony flights had the heaviest weight load of the games.
1. Sunrise
2. Crescent Moon

“Working with Betty Productions and Wonder Works was a pleasure. The collaboration of eChameleon and 3DS Max was seamless and proved a real technological advantage, as well as, an impressive and impactful visual.” – Kim Swaden-Ward, Technical Project Manager, TAIT UK

Click here to watch a video of the aerial systems in action.

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