TAIT Creates One-of-a-Kind Kinetic Art Installation for Mr. Chow’s Las Vegas Restaurant

Restaurateur Mr. Chow, commissioned TAIT Towers, the company behind the fabrication of the awe-inducing Omnia Chandelier, Glade’s Museum of Feelings, the Sochi Olympic Ceremonies, Cirque du Soleil, and staging for world-wide tours including the Rolling Stones, U2, Maroon 5, and Taylor Swift, to create a one-of-a-kind kinetic art installation to hang in the center of his new restaurant in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

TAIT worked closely with Mr. Chow and his team to create a unique focal piece for the restaurant and its customers while remaining authentic to Mr. Choe’s brand. The result surpassed expectations, and at the soft-opening in December, restaurant goers applauded throughout the night as the kinetic sculpture migrated into different configurations.

The 26ft diameter fiberglass kinetic art installation, known as “The Moon” is a limited-edition work of three, with two artist proofs which is made up of 6 pieces and 3 of the pieces (the petals) being able to move into different configurations before returning back to its ultimate moon shape. Additionally, the whole structure is controlled and operated with TAIT Navigator, TAIT’s proprietary automation software platform, and can be adjusted vertically despite its awesome 3800 pound weight.
“TAIT’s reputation for their dynamic work in the entertainment space and their ability to be, what I would consider a ‘one stop shop,’ was an ideal partnership for me. I knew that I wanted a moving focal point for my restaurant. I designed the kinetic moon, and they were able to take my concept and produce it from beginning to end, including the technological component,” says Mr. Chow.

Similarly, TAIT Senior Director of Business Development, Gemma Guy, who worked closely with Mr. Chow and his team, reciprocated these sentiments and added “TAIT thrives on designing, creating and fabricating original pieces, and our proprietary technology, provides us with more flexibility and freedom to manipulate and control what we create. With Mr. Chow, he came to us with the design and we were able to have our team at TAIT determine materials, weight, space, and how it would work best by building a prototype in our shop and applying TAIT Navigator to assess the proper revolutions and speed.”

Mia Tinari, Global Head of Marketing + Communications for TAIT explains “with TAIT’s increasing involvement in experiential marketing and kinetic architecture, partnering with an iconic restaurateur and visionary, like Mr. Chow, is idyllic. We created an art piece that will undoubtedly live in perpetuity on the internet through images and video, but will also be accompanied in real time by the smells and tastes of Mr. Chow’s world renowned food.”

Fortunately, for TAIT, Mr. Chow’s restaurants are already successful on their own. People make reservations well in advance to eat there. Having that strong brand allowed for TAIT to create a kinetic art installation for patrons to see, but also equally compliment the palate-inducing food.
“We jointly manifested an extra element to the customers’ overall experience by creating a true sensory experience capitalizing on their every sense. This kinetic moon sculpture is art that you want to see, that you want to capture with your lens, it’s a stunning visual piece that you share with others. But even more exceptional, is that it is accompanied simultaneously with all of the aromas and tastes being prepared,” shared Tinari. And Mr. Chow agrees, as he explains that his restaurants are like theater they create a perfect experiential balance between dining and seeing a “show,” and this one in particular, has really capitalized on that concept.

“From inception, much like all of my restaurants, I consider the customers experience. I want them to walk away feeling as though all of their senses have been completely stimulated.” -Mr. Chow

Mr. Chow Caesars Palace Las Vegas restaurant will have its official opening on January 20th, 2016.

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