Emily Takes Over TAIT & Shares What it is like to be an Intern at TAIT

This episode of #TAITTakeOver takes you inside TAIT headquarters with Emily Talbott, R+D intern at TAIT. Hear what inspired her to work for TAIT and what projects she worked on throughout the summer. Scroll down and press play to watch this episode now!

Hi I’m Emily Talbott and this is my TAIT Take Over.

Currently, I am an electrical engineer at the Colorado School of the Minds in Golden, CO but for the summer of 2017, I am an R+D intern for TAIT Towers.

Coming to work at TAIT really made sense for me. Growing up, I took art classes, music lessons and musical theater. At the same time, I was heavily involved in math and science and the world of STEM. So it really made sense for me to further my education and become an engineer.

TAIT brings together a blend of the hard sciences of engineering and makes it beautiful with design. You really have to be mechanically minded but still have that creativity.

This summer, I am making a winch from the ground up. At TAIT, winches are used for performer flying and lifting structural pieces at shows. Winches do a lot for TAIT and they are a very key part of who TAIT is. There is an area at headquarters that is dedicated to showcasing products including the Nav Drives, Nano Winches and soon, my winch. This project has been very tough. I had no idea where to begin. But, one of the great things about being an intern at TAIT is that everyone is willing to help!

One of the fun things that I got to do this summer was go to U2’s Joshua Tree Tour. It was really exciting because it’s one thing to see everything put together in the shop but it is an entirely different world when you get to see the show come together on tour. As soon as they turned on the video wall, the crowd just loses it. They were screaming and shouting with excitement which for me was really cool because I can say that I helped build that show.

Are you interested in being an intern at TAIT? Click here to find out what opportunities are available.

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