Ford collaborates with TAIT with an Eye-Catching, Ride Entertainment Exhibit at the Beijing Motor Show

With a prestigious past of corporate innovations, Ford contracted TAIT Towers,the global company known for designing and fabricating world tour stage sets for the likes of Taylor Swift, U2, Madonna and more, as well as, previous Auto Show salon designs for Mercedes, Toyota, Infiniti, and Cadillac to manufacture a hydraulic scissor lift, known as the Ford Experience, built exclusively for attendees of the 2016 Beijing Motor Show. TAIT fabricated the hydraulic scissor lift to ascend and descend while displaying the Ford video presentations. The lift will ascend 23 feet into a video surround, and will then revolve to display the show room floor. Each ride lasts 3 minutes and accommodates up to 15 people. To achieve the Ford Experience, TAIT worked closely with Ford’s branding experts, JJ Tam and Rich Pollack.
“We are happy to partner with JJ Tam and Rich Pollack, once again, to create an immersive audience experience at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show. The Ford Experience is the show’s focal point and will be an impressive display of Ford’s 2016 innovation,”Pat Seeley, Senior Project Manager for TAIT explained.
The 2016 Beijing Motor Show is one of the top motor shows in China attracting people in the automotive industry, car fanatics, and many more. The auto show takes place from Monday, April 25th, 2016 until Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 at the ChineseInternational Exhibition Centre. The exhibit schedule is as follows: Press Day for domestic and foreign media: April 25th–April 26th; Trade Day: April 27th–April 28th; Public Day: April 29th–May 4th.

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