Selena Gomez Succeeds in Opening Night with Full Stage Production

For Selena Gomez’s second solo concert tour, TAIT Towers, the global company known for designing and fabricating live staging equipment and scenic design for world tours including The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, U2, Madonna and more, innovated stage design and set elements for her Revival Tour.
To integrate an interactive, scenic stage while emphasizing the theme of Gomez’s latest hits, TAIT built a 49ft. rolling main stage that incorporates a painted 32 ft. thrust performance deck that creates the illusion of three overlapping individual runways. In addition, TAIT fabricated LED inflatable orbs that illuminate. TAIT worked with Silenthouse’s Tamlyn Wright, production designer, Robert “Hydro” Mullin, production manager, Baz Halpin, show director, and Melissa Garcia, assistant director.
TAIT provided a painted 32 ft. thrust performance deck which is painted to give the illusion of three runways immersing into the audience. The thrust performance deck includes nine traps that drop into the underworld and house nine medicine ball trampolines for the dancers to perform on. Additionally, TAIT manufactured five LED 4ft. in diameter, inflatable nylon orbs that move about the stage as Gomez performs. Lastly, TAIT built two triangular projection screens which accent both sides of PRG’s center stage video screens.
“TAIT is excited to support Selena Gomez on her upcoming Revival Tour. In working with the entire production team, we were able to offer a combination of solutions to achieve the show’s artistic vision,”Aaron Siebert, Project Manager of TAIT explained.
 After releasing her new album, Gomez announced her Revival Tour to the public via Instagram on October 1st, 2015. Shortly after her announcement, TAIT began stage production and integration. Rehearsals began on Sunday, April 17th and continued through Thursday, May 5th, 2016. Opening night si Friday, May 6th, 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Revival Tour will travel through North America, Asia, and Europe throughout the beginning of August.

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