Sales and Business Development: Permanent Installation, Market Trends and a Work Motto to Live By

Gemma Hodgson (Guy) is the VP of Business Development, Permanent Installation at TAIT. Her market reach includes theme parks, cruise ships, large theatrical shows, theatre and opera. For those installations, TAIT provides complex animatronics, show control systems and upgrades, performer flying packages, kinetic architecture, large stage machinery, safety testing, design solutions and much more.

For this #TAITTalks, we sat down with Gemma for a rapid-fire Q+A on sales, our clients’ best attributes, and her work motto! Check it!

Q; How long have you been with TAIT?

A: I’ve been with TAIT for 13 years. I started in the London office and moved to the Las Vegas office in 2009.

Q: Since you’ve been with TAIT what have you seen as a trend in growth?

A: I see more people now wanting experiential immersive experiences. There really is a huge drive to create experiences to share on social media and we are seeing more clients come to us to help them realise these experiences. Another trend is show control, i.e. having one system interfacing with lighting, sound, video, rigging/motion control etc., this is something we are seeing more and more of. I think having the leading show control platform (TAIT Navigator) means that we are, in many cases, driving this trend.

Q: What types of markets are “hot” in 2019 and 2020? And, what are you most excited about?

A: The Cruise Ship industry is really booming right now, and we are really excited to be partnering with some of the major cruise lines in designing their new ships. We are also really excited about a growing market which is sports arenas. People want arenas to be flexible and to be multi-use spaces – we are seeing growing demand for TAIT to be involved in the design phase planning these venues. Lastly, we’re focusing on our newest software iQ powered by Navigator, we have started doing control upgrades to venues and cruise ships that would love the power of Navigator with a more intuitive UI.

Q: The sales process has changed throughout the years due to demand, what has been the greatest change for you in engagement?

A: For the Permanent Installation side of the business, leads come into the business through a variety of different channels. We are finding more often that we are being brought in from the very start of projects – clients, architects and designers are asking us to partner with them to be involved in initial concept design and to carry out feasibility for technical solutions and budgets.

Q: What five (5) TAIT attributes do you find our customers appreciate most?

A; Our Innovation, our ability to think outside the box, our high-quality products and services, our cutting-edge technology, and our understanding of the full production scope and how to integrate technology into their show.

Q: What five (5) attributes do we appreciate most about our clients?

A: Honesty and Fairness, Collaboration, Passion, Diversity, They Challenge Us.

We love the fact that our clients are constantly pushing us creatively and technically. We are always up for a challenge! It’s also great that our clients are so diverse, it keeps my day exciting. In a morning I could be talking with a major Cruise Line about performer flying for their next new ship, and in the afternoon talking, TAIT Navigator and show control for a theme park or sports arena. There is definitely no monotony in my job!

Working with our clients is an enjoyable experience because they are so passionate about their projects and that energy comes through in the working environment. Collaboration is something we really appreciate. We love clients that want to work closely with us to make their project or show successful. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work! And, at the end of the day, having open and honest communication with our clients leads to success for both parties.

Q: Is there a work motto that you try to live by?

A: Work Hard, Play Hard!

Thanks Gemma!  And, thank you to our readers. Stop back next month for our next TAIT Talks! You won’t want to miss it!

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