Fly, Lift, Build, and Control with TAIT Products

The most progressive, forward thinking and future-ready companies turn to TAIT for solutions that enable efficient, safe, reliable, and quality outcomes.

Driven by a diverse client base that demands efficiency, first-time-right applications, and innovative solutions, TAIT products are engineered to be versatile among our capabilities and are implemented in all markets.

Whether it’s a turnkey solution, single-axis control, or an ultra-high-speed winch, our award-winning, off-the-shelf, and tailor-made products are reliable, robust, and flexible.

TAIT Navigator Automation Platform™️

TAIT Navigator is a powerful entertainment automation platform that maximizes the creative potential for live events.

epiQ™ Console

The epiQ console is purpose built for iQ, powered by Navigator and unifies the control of all live event operations in one cohesive experience. It gives the user the confidence and power to maximize the creative potential of any live event.

A revolutionary range of motion control products and automation technology for the entertainment industry.