Hospitality Unit

Virgin F1 Racing

Brilliant Stages* was approached by Formula One racing team, Virgin Racing, to design and manufacture a hospitality structure.



The Build

The structure, known in the paddock as a ‘motorhome’, had to be portable to allow transportation between events, but equally had to be unique and have outstanding visual impact to highlight the team’s new backer and stakeholder – Richard Branson’s Virgin Group – for their debut season.

The main structure was built from aluminium trussing crowned by a tensile system. Designed to host press conferences, receptions, and to provide a private retreat for VIP guests, the motorhome features two floors and accommodates between 60-100 guests.

The exterior was clad to offer an ideal surface for Virgin Racing’s sleek branding, while inside custom cassette staging created a modular floor over two levels linked by a complete custom staircase.

The structure provided a home from home for the Virgin team and more recently – complete with new branding – for the Marussia Virgin Racing team.


*In 2019 Brilliant Stages became part of TAIT. Today the team in Wakefield, UK continue to create brilliant live experiences for clients across the globe.

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