Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

The historic Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall in Singapore underwent a major four-year renovation, which included the installation of modern stage automation and machinery. As a team, TAIT Stage Technologies, Desisti Asia Pte Ltd, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd, and main contractor, Sato Kogyo, for client National Arts Council, worked together to achieve the masterful renovation of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.



Victoria Theatre

The new fly tower in the Victoria Theatre included power flying, utilizing 69 BigTow2-300 winches installed in acoustically isolated winch rooms each side of the stage. In addition, 10 mobile Tip Tow point hoists were provided that could be moved around the grid as required. The innovative Tip Tow winches use a low-speed high-torque motor that directly drives the drum, eliminating the need for a gearbox. This design results in a very quiet winch.

The control system used the TAIT Stage Technologies, Maxis SI motion control and drive system, with Nomad and Solo consoles running eChameleon application software. A preset station was provided for the stage manager to be able to operate the house curtain. Additionally, TAIT Stage Technologies supplied a 35 ft. x 23 ft. rigid proscenium safety curtain, with dual counterweights, and motorized winch and hydraulic arrestor unit.

At the front of the stage, two orchestra lifts were provided. These used Gala Spiralift I-Locks columns as lifting actuators and were provided with seating wagons, demountable railings and infill platforms, and adjustable acoustic panels under the stage overhang.

Thanks to our partner Main Contractor Sato Kogyo.


Victoria Theatre
Victoria Theatre

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