Taylor Swift

Reputation World Tour

To live up to Taylor Swift’s “Big Reputation,” TAIT manufactured and engineered a mega-structure that provided fans with a fun-filled immersive experience from every seat in the stadium. TAIT’s custom-built set included an automated LED video wall fitted to a massive LED video main stage, two satellite stages, as well as, two flying gondolas that Swift travels on to get from the main stage to her satellite stages.



To deliver such a monumental show, TAIT built a larger than life, robotic video wall and ramp consisting of 12 vertical video columns operated by TAIT Navigator. The 12 columns are made up of 3 video screens and one video ramp. When all video columns are together it appears as one large video wall shaped like a V. When the columns are separated they can form 2 distinctly separate video walls or 48 individual video screens creating 30+ different show looks. The video columns can also lift to reveal Swift’s band. Each column was equipped with 6 Nav Hoists and 4 wall pods that act as modular performer flying units for performers to fly from.

Made up of 382 seamless LED video decks, the X-shaped main stage supports the v-shaped video wall and includes two 16 ft. wide runways that stretch 60 ft. out into the audience. In addition to the main stage, TAIT built two 40 ft. x 60 ft. satellite stages that were located on the opposite side of the stadium from the main stage. To travel 280 ft. across the stadium to her satellite stages, Swift took flight on one of two gondolas 1) snake gondola or 2) constellation gondola. The snake gondola was a custom-made scenic fascia and moved 5 ft. per second. The constellation gondola was created using 738 individual LED’s and travels 1 ft. per second. To ensure safety and speed control of each flight, TAIT Navigator provides operators with exact positioning of Swift in 3D space.

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