London Theatre Company

Bridge Theatre

For London’s first commercial theatre built outside of the historic West End, London Theatre Company collaborated with Haworth Tompkins and TAIT to fabricate an architecturally-integrated modular solution for the 900-seat adaptable auditorium. The auditorium creates an immersive audience experience and transforms with each show into three different stages: an end-on, thrust and promenade.



“Working with TAIT on the Bridge Theatre, they built a large yet intimate theatre of about 900 seats. The auditorium is configurable, moving from a conventional end-on stage for its opening production of Young Marx, to promenade in its second with Julius Caesar and thrust in its third, Nightfall. This has all been possible thanks to TAIT’s rock-gig technology used to create the seating structure and staging, which were configured and tested in an aircraft hangar in Norfolk. The auditorium comes in 57 pieces, split into towers and seating galleries, which are built in a factory. They are carried into the theatre on a monorail and a ‘Tonka truck’ fits them in place.” – The Stage

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