Athlete Constellations

Sochi 2014 Olympic Ceremonies

For the 2014 Sochi Olympic Ceremonies, the creative team from Five Currents had a stunning vision of recreating the star constellations of the night sky to take the shape of athletic figures from the winter Olympics. The constellations had to glide effortlessly through the stadium with the stars shining brightly in clearly defined formats. TAIT provided 20 LED, wire frame figures, which were displayed at the culmination of the ceremony.



TAIT Portfolio: Sochi Olympic Ceremonies - LED Forest
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The figures represented four winter Olympic events (Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Skiing and Snow Boarding) in five unique poses. They were suspended from custom rotators, designed and built by TAIT Stage Technologies.

Each of the “Athlete Constellations” measured 10m tall and were fitted with seventy LED’s. Two sizes of LED were integrated into each of the illuminated figures; a single, white LED, as well as clusters of 9 white LEDs.

Thanks to our partners: Client, Five Currents and Technical Producer, James Lee. 

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