Us + Them Tour

Roger Waters

Four years after concluding one of the most iconic world tours, ‘The Wall’, Roger Waters was back again and pushing the boundaries of stage production with another elaborate set built by TAIT for his ‘Us + Them Tour’. Waters’ large-scale production included jaw-dropping spectacles, flying scenic elements and multi-dimensional laser effects as he performed classic Pink Floyd albums alongside his new material and past solo hits.



Roger Waters Us + Them Tour

Having previously provided tour solutions for Waters, TAIT was asked to manufacture and design the staging, automated rigging and cutting-edge technology for this North American tour. TAIT custom built the 74 ft. wide main stage, an overhead rigging system which stretches the length of the arena and is fastened with numerous winches, laser units, and 16 TAIT Rollios, which, combined, create the sort of storytelling adventure Waters is so well known for.

Waters put an old-school touch on his rock spectacle, with a laser-light show which filed the arena with with colorful laser lights and dry ice to illuminate a giant, multi-dimensional laser pyramid. For one of the coolest rock visual effects of all time, the overhead rigging system was fitted with winches that housed several laser units communicating with additional laser units on the ground.

Roger Waters Us + Them Tour
Roger Waters Us + Them Tour

During Waters’ second set, a row of 16 TAIT Rollios extended out above the audience, dividing the arena into two sections. Controlled by TAIT Navigator, TAIT Rollios were engineered to open and close from any area in space while projecting video content.  Each Rollio was 19 ft. wide and could drop open 36 ft. in length, creating a larger-than-life projection space across the arena. TAIT Rollios played many roles in Waters’ set, as the video content being projected represented several Pink Floyd albums and incorporated flying elements, such as his signature, soaring swine during Pigs (Three Different Ones) and the inflatable smokestacks that popped out above the Rollio’s screens and emitted fog to accent his already empowering performance of The Rise of Battersea Power Station.

This was rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. With a TAIT stage and Roger Waters performing material from the The Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall, this was a must-see, bucket list item for Pink Floyd fans.

Thank you to our partners: Production Manager, Chris Kansy; and Production Designer, Jeremy Lloyd.

Roger Waters Us + Them Tour
Roger Waters Us + Them Tour

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