Star-Shaped Stage

Rodeo Houston

Ever since its debut 80+ years ago, Rodeo Houston continues to evolve to make rodeo season bigger and more spectacular than ever before.



To kick off their 86th season, Rodeo Houston revealed a new stage and it’s the star of the show…literally! The new star-shaped stage, built by TAIT, not only enhances the venues concert presentation, but its star shape also creates a more immersive fan experience for concert-goers.

In order to achieve Rodeo Houston’s Board of Trustees’ goal of producing larger-than-life experiences, Rodeo Houston relied on TAIT to design and manufacture a 126 ft. wide, star-shaped stage complete with world-class technology. The technology gives the stage the ability to autonomously drive on and off the NRG Stadium floor.

To create the stage, TAIT built a 48-foot in diameter rotating deck and surrounded it with the five star points. Each point extends 36 feet and are capable of lifting and lowering separately or together via an entertainment automation platform, TAIT NavigatorTAIT Navigator communicates location points to the stage so it can drive itself into position at the center of the NRG Stadium. 

In addition to the new stage, Rodeo Houston wanted to capture video content in real-time for their concerts as well as their rodeos. To do so, TAIT provided their custom NavCam. The NavCam is an aerial camera attached to a 3D flying rig. For Rodeo Houston, it is installed at the north end of the stadium and controlled by TAIT Navigator. The NavCam flies through the stadium at a maximum speed of 35 ft. per second and syncs with the stage’s positioning system to follow the star-point stage lifts as they move up and down. Having the NavCam in place will supply Rodeo Houston with dynamic video content that they never had in the past.

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