Take the Crown

Robbie Williams

For Robbie Williams Take the Crown tour, TAIT created a A 40.8 metre by 23.1 metre back wall, finished with screen-printed, gold polycarbonate panels. The wall was made up of 700 panels incorporating 20 different custom shapes, and integrating 18,000 TAIT pixel tablets.



Robbie Williams’ 3D scenic head was built by creating 50 custom cut panels which were modelled from a scan of the singers face. The panels housed 50,000 Barco FLX24 pixels.

“The back wall was only ever going to be realized by TAIT. No one else could have come close.” – Wob Roberts, Production Manager

Thanks to our partners: Designer, Stufish Entertainment Architects; Designers, Ric Lipson & Willie Williams; Production Manager, Wob Roberts; and Video Director, Smasher Desmedt.


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