Heavy Entertainment Tour

Robbie Williams

Brilliant Stages* was approached in early 2017 to produce a complex multi-dimensional concert touring stage set for Robbie Williams’ The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour.



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What We Did

The mainstage which consisted of the thrust, curved steps, the catwalk, the boxing arm, the transition steps, the star trap and the on-stage deck.
The wider stage set consisted of the upstage and downstage ‘POW’ arches, the upstage matrix and the


The Build

The designers incorporated a ‘POW’ pop art theme throughout which gave the set a bright vibrant feel and one of flamboyancy to reflect the confident character of the artist.

We worked for 20 weeks on the project from preliminary concept meetings to full delivery, with the first show taking place on Friday 2nd June at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. The tour then went on a huge run of 29 dates spanning 18 countries over the summer of 2017.

Key Features

‘POW’ Downstage Pros Arch – A stand-out feature of the set was the large jagged frame which hung over the main stage, known affectionately by the production crew as the ‘Downstage POW’. The aluminium-based structure was an ambitious piece of manufacturing which resulted in an intricate video frame. We ensured that the frame could be constructed and broken down easily to allow quick transitions between shows in the busy tour schedule.

Boxing Arm – Running with the theme of The Heavy Entertainment Show, there was a large inflatable boxing glove incorporated into the performance. We integrated a chair into the centre of the automated glove to allow the artist to travel 360° above the audience’s heads.

Before the Boxing Arm was needed during the show, the production team were eager to have it hidden, as a surprise to the spectators. Therefore, Brilliant Stages integrated the Boxing Arm beneath the stage decking and when the automation operators received the ‘show call’, the stage decks on the catwalk slid back revealing the eye-catching piece to the audience

Other staging pieces that Brilliant Stages produced included the Boxer Video Surrounds, ‘POW’ Upstage Video Surround, the Main Thrust, the Curved Steps, the Catwalk, the B-Stage, the Star Trap ‘toaster’, the on-stage deck and the band risers.


The Challenges

Brilliant Stages Project Manager Matt Kaye:

“There were many challenges. The downstage arch was a very complex structure made to hold the video tiles. We knew that it had to be moved quickly between shows, so we put it on wheels and made it very modular.”

“Also, because it was so big, we split the structure into ‘legs’ and a ‘header’ and into an A and a B rig. This allowed us to begin set up at the next venue before the previous show had even finished.”


*In 2019 Brilliant Stages became part of TAIT. Today the team in Wakefield, UK continue to create brilliant live experiences for clients across the globe.

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