The Getaway Tour

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers opened The Getaway Tour in Budapest, Hungary on September 1st, 2016, with HUGE reviews. Before a sold-out audience, the band revealed the largest, automated, kinetic light installation in concert touring history.



Kinetic Light Display
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Thank you to our partners: Production Manager, Narci Martinez; Production Designer, Scott Holthaus; and Manager, Peter Mensch.

From opening night, social media erupted with videos, hashtags and comments, with fans describing The Getaway Tour as “a dream come true,” “a show you can’t miss,” “genius,” “spectacular,” and “the best concert I have ever seen.” Even more so, the fans were impressed with the “dynamic glow” from the kinetic light installation that created a nonstop, contagious spirit throughout the night.

The kinetic display used over 1000 TAIT Nano Winches to deploy the connected LED light fixtures which hung above the crowd and traveled 60 ft. perpendicular to the stage. The light fixtures moved 10 ft. per second, horizontally, vertically, in and out of unison, into shapes and into the band’s logo, while changing colors from all spectrums of the RGB color grid.

The rhythmic lighting and juggernaut movements of the fixtures were accented by the video content being displayed on the massive screen behind the band.

The Peppers’ main focus for The Getaway Tour was to provide the audience with an immersive, three-dimensional concert experience, while feeling every groove and lick of their music. To achieve the goal, the Peppers team began designing the show and searching for the latest in technology and art. Peter Mensch ultimately determined, after numerous conversations and viewing TAIT’s latest product, TAIT Nano Winch, that TAIT would be the provider of staging, automation, and, of course, the larger-than-life kinetic light installation powered by TAIT Nano Winches.

Chili Peppers Kinetic Light Installation

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