The Truth About Love




Truth About Love Tour

For Pinks Truth About Love Tour, TAIT created a custom heart-shaped video screen surround with a scenic finish used to frame the main stage LED panels.

Four custom, scenic surrounds were produced for the flying LED screens positioned alongside the heart-shaped element.

A scenic foam “Fleur De Lys”, positioned on top of the video screen and a decorative cradle was incorporated at the base of the heart-shaped structure.

A custom banner light box with LED lighting effects was built into the surrounding structure and suspended above the Truth About Love stage.

According to, The Truth About Love Tour was the sixth concert tour by American recording artist P!nk. Sponsored by CoverGirl, and showcasing music from her sixth studio album, the tour played over 140 shows in Australia, Europe and North America. Shows in Melbourne, Australia were recorded and released on a concert DVD. The Truth About Love Tour was the third highest grossing tour of 2013. P!nk was also the highest grossing female touring artist of 2013. After playing to nearly 15,000 fans per night in Perth, P!nk now also holds the record for most performances by an artist at the Perth Arena, as well as the top four attended events at the venue.

Thanks to our partners: Designers, Baz Halpin & Chris Nyfield; Lighting Designer, Baz Halpin; and Production Manager, Richard Young.

Truth About Love Tour
Truth About Love Tour

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