NBA Uniform Launch

The Nike NBA Uniform Launch was a 2017 win for the sports brand company. In the fall of 2017, Nike regained the contract for NBA uniforms from Adidas. The uniforms were the most technically advanced ever in terms of material and design and incorporated technology that allowed fans to connect to their favorite player and the game in completely new ways.



Nike Brand Design relied on, Willo Perron, disguise VR, NFC Technology, TAIT and Production Glue to create an event space that was as futuristic as the technology and as grand as the NBA itself.  TAIT provided large LED panels that tracked around the audience via TAIT Navigator. The video tracking system included three trusses of various sizes. Each truss was equipped with a single trolley and a 15 ft. wide by 34 ft. tall video panels. During the presentation, the video tracking system drove video screens displaying Nike’s video content to reveal the uniform gallery.

Nike NBA Uniform Launch

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