London Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Milton Court

TAIT Stage Technologies was contracted by Sir Robert McAlpine to supply and install a flying and stage machinery system for Milton Court, the new purpose-built facility at the London Guildhall School of Music & Drama.



With thanks to Consultants, Theatre Projects.

Milton Court opened in September 2013, near the Guildhall School’s current facility in London’s Barbican development. Milton Court provides theatre students with a world-class performance and training facility. Students now train in the 608-seat Concert Hall, 227-seat Theatre, TV studio, Studio Theatre, and three rehearsal rooms.

The facility’s Concert Hall is also used by the Barbican for public performances. The system includes stage elevators, seating wagons, suspension and rigging, and variable acoustic devices.

TAIT Stage Technologies supplied a 53 axes system for the theatre. This included overhead flying, a trap-able stage floor, adjustable proscenium and an orchestra lift. Meanwhile, in the Concert Hall, the two companies installed 26 axes for overhead flying, as well as 20 Serapid driven stage lift axes, which perform several functions including moving seating wagons for changing the stage and audience configurations.

The system answered the demand for more advanced automation features – not just for performance but also for teaching technical theatre students, who will be the automation operators, technical directors and creative teams of the future.

Theater system:
• 35 x BT2-290 winches (scenery hoists)
• 6 x BT2-200 point hoists
• 9 x variable speed Ch:i chain hoists
• 3 x BH600 beam hoists
• 1 x Acrobat G6 desk
• 3 x Nomad desks
• Orchestra lift
• 1 x seating wagon
• Trappable stage floor
• Adjustable Proscenium

Concert Hall system:
• 5 x BT2-300 Lighting Truss Winches
• 6 x BT2-300 Acoustic Reflector Winches
• 3 x BT2-290 Winches for stage masking curtains
• 12 x variable speed Ch:i chain hoists
• 2 x Nomad desks
• 4 x mobile maintenance pendants
• 20 x Serapid stage and orchestra lifts

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