Metallica 3D

There is perhaps no stronger endorsement for our expertise than the simple fact that we have provided concert staging for respected rockers Metallica for over 17 years. As such, we were delighted to assist when asked to combine components from previous tours into one explosive show. A 3D recording of the tour was released in 2013.




A highlight of the Metallica 3D Tour was this 9 metre ‘Lady Justice’ statue which was construed in situ with help from an overhead crane system during the concert.

The seemingly catastrophic movement of these falling towers was entirely calculated and controlled by our award-winning Navigator control system.

The statue comes together with Justice For All reaching a crescendo, before a stunning, explosive collapse, executed entirely by our Navigator control system. We also created the full video stage (40m x 15m x1.5m) using our proprietary LED Mag Deck system.


We created an enormous scenic chair which appeared overhead on winches. There were four tesla coils also secured with winches, to generate lightning bolts which struck the chair in a thrilling sequence. This was the first time a tesla coil effect of this scale was used in a live audience environment.

Thanks to our partners: Designer, Stufish Entertainment Architects; Lighting Designer, Jonathan Broderick; and Production Manager, Dan Braun. 

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