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London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies

For the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies, artistic director Danny Boyle, incorporated the audience into the live program. TAIT helped him to realize his vision, with the world’s largest landscape video display, comprised of 634,500 individual pixels that transformed video from a two-dimensional screen to an interactive, three-dimensional experience.



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In addition to smart cabling infrastructure which ensured aisles and stairways remained clear at all times, the tablets themselves automatically retracted leaving aisles clear. In total, TAIT incorporated 70,500 pixel tablets into the Olympic Stadium’s seating bowl.

The hand-held units, which were lightweight enough to hold comforatbly, were used by the stadium audience in choreographed moves directed by the ceremonies’ team. 

The process, from design, development, manufacturing and commencement of system installation, took just four months.

Fun Fact: As a result, TAIT is a Guinness World Record Holder for the “World’s Largest Landscape Video Display.”

Thanks to our partners: Art Director, Danny Boyle; Technical Director, Piers Shepperd; and Executive Producer, Cather Ugwu. 


London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies
Spectacular London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies
London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies

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