Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Lennox Suite

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre unveiled its new Lennox Suite in Spring 2013, bringing a one-of-a-kind conference experience to Edinburgh.



The Lennox Suite is a multi-purpose hall with a bespoke, flexible moving floor system which can be reconfigured into various set-ups for the different requirements of event organizers at the touch of a button. Examples of the flooring options include a flat floor for exhibitions and tiered banquets accommodating up to 1400 guests, a raked auditorium for 2000 people, and an arena with room for 1400.

The space can be used for conventions and exhibitions but also for ‘in the round’ events such as boxing bouts and snooker tournaments.

Gala Systems provided The Right Solutions theatre consultants with the proposal scheme for the floor. Consultants Theatre Projects also worked with the design team to define the project requirements for the Suite. Delstar Engineering (since acquired by TAIT) developed the brief into an innovative engineering solution which would allow the venue to reconfigure the floor easily.

Additionally, Delstar designed lifts to cover a nominal floor area of 98 ft. by 167 ft. In order to allow for the different floor configurations, the lifts have risers built into the platforms. Delstar was also able to utilize its own test tower at its factory in Haverhill, Suffolk (UK), to test the fully assembled lifts. TAIT Stage Technologies supplied the control system for the lifts.

The Lennox Suite can be adapted to the following modes:

• Flat floor mode: The Hall is ideally suited as a heavy duty exhibition space
• Cabaret mode: Delegate or dining can be accommodated for 700 people with full stage facilities
• Large Auditorium: Seating is available for two thousand delegates with conference stage facilities
• Double Auditorium: Seating is facing a central stage
• Arena mode: The central stage is flanked by seating in the round
• Two acoustic walls: The walls can be deployed as required to reduce the available floor area into three separate spaces or two for smaller events

In total, TAIT Stage Technologies supplied a system consisting of the following:

• 29 individual lifts covering a floor space of 98 ft. x 167 ft. with revolvers and risers:
o Some are elevated by screw jacks but most employ the Gala HD9 Spiralift system
o Eight of the lifts are 98 ft. long
o Twelve of the central lifts also have a revolve facility to enable an arena mode for events requiring ‘in the round’ audience seating, such as snooker tournaments and boxing bouts
o Most can be automatically transformed from flat floor to tiered floor profile in a few minutes via our pre-programmed control system
• 3 x Preset Station operating panels with eChameleon automation software
• 8 x Motion Control Cabinets
• 1 x Motion Control Rack

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