artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball

Lady Gaga

For the expressive, immersive and audience-first Lady Gaga Art Pop world tour, Lady Gaga enlisted TAIT to provide an elaborate performance environment with custom acrylic decking and runway surfaces. The scenic design was created to mimic a castle in the sky. The entire set was created to highlight the intersection of art and pop in ways never clearly explored previously.



Lady Gaga art pop

TAIT built two stages, one main stage and an accompanying one on the far end of the arena, for Gaga to interact with her audience on a grander level. As indicated by Ryan Book, Music Times, “It would be enhanced by the addition of a catwalk which would wind all around the arena floor, enabling the singer to interact with the audience. In March 2014, Gaga tweeted a picture of the stage which showed a runway extending from the main platform up to the general admission seats and then bifurcating into two additional runways, ending in small stages within the audience. At the end of the first runway, another platform was constructed which descended into the crowd directly. Gaga noted that the 110 feet (34 m) long runways would be made of lucite rendering them translucent so that the crowd can dance underneath it while still being able to watch the show.”

Thanks to our partners: Show Designer, Leroy Bennett and Production Manager, Jason Danter. 


Lady Gaga Art Pop
Lady Gaga Art pop

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