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La Perle

La Perle, the regions first resident show, marks an iconic milestone for live entertainment industry in Dubai. The show’s unprecedented aquatic theatrics and gravity defying performances could only be delivered in a theatre custom-built with automated staging, high-tech overhead rigging and cutting edge automation. The theatre creates a one-of-a-kind audience experience as the 1,300-seat theatre only contains 14 rows and offers an intimate, face-to-face, visually captivating experience. Having previously worked with TAIT on shows such as “Le Rêve” in Las Vegas, “The Han Show” in Wuhan, China and “The House of Dancing Water” in Macau, Artistic Director, Franco Dragone and Dubai’s Al Habtoor Group relied on TAIT to provide complete stage engineering alongside the theatre’s Main Contractor, Habtoor Leighton Group.



To create an interactive aquatic theatre experience, the venue is built around a large pool which features several dynamic water features. A portion of the pool is covered with perforated flooring which allows the stage to quickly transform from a dry platform to a 300mm water filled pool.

A mother grid rigging system houses multiple winches, trusses and other scenic mounts is installed 100 ft. above the stage. The overhead grid was designed with large openings to provide accessibility for flying scenic elements throughout the show. Additionally, the grid has several catwalks which provide mounting positions for production equipment and access for aerial performers.

La Perle’s live, interactive, immersive production showcases 65 performers diving into the pool on stage and flying through the theatre at spectacular heights. To make these flights possible, TAIT manufactured and installed 48 BigTow2 performer flying winches into the overhead rigging. These winches can be used for simple vertical movement or can be connected together to fly performers throughout the theatre.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive piece of engineering featured in La Perle, is the massive scenic tower. Constructed in the form of a ‘draw bridge’ this 75 ft. long structure incorporates many scenic elements and special effects including very large pipes for the waterfall effects. The tower moves between its deployed and static position using an enormous custom designed winch that has a lifting capacity of 70,000 kg.

Four giant sliding doors were also manufactured for the La Perle Theatre. Each door is 70 ft. tall by 15 ft wide and weighs 6,000 kg. The doors are suspended from a track above the stage and are capable of moving at 1.5 ft. per second. The doors are made of aluminum panels laser cut with scenic designs to create both an impressive scenic display and a climbing wall for the performers.

Additionally, TAIT provided twelve remotely controlled water bees controlled by TAIT Navigator. The water bees have on-board fountains that flash powerful arrays of LED lighting to create a very unique water effect during the show. The stage machinery relies on TAIT Navigator products, Maxis SI motion control system using Nomad control consoles running eChameleon software.

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