The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake

For the Justin Timberlake 20-20 Experience, TAIT developed a multifaceted set to achieve the high artistic standards and logistical requirements put forth by the tour’s creative team.



Certain panels consist of perforated metal, which reveal an intricate lighting display with a larger-than-life pinhole effect, while masking the show’s lighting fixtures and trusses from the audience. Eight lifts are incorporated into the stage; six slip stages to reveal and conceal the band from view and two additional lifts to provide entrances for the artist and his pianos.

For the Justin Timberlake 20-20 Experience, the centrepiece of the design is a custom, automated bridge which measures 37-meters wide, 2-meters deep and 5.6-meters tall, at its highest points. The 13608-kilogram element acts to seamlessly carry the performers from one end of the arena to the other, up over the crowd, where it is met by a staircase that elevates from the B-stage.

The bridge is automated by two pontoons that sit 24 meters apart and run down the aisles on each side of the venue floor.

The bridge is controlled by TAIT Navigator, a proprietary Control System, and uses two rotary lasers to scan the room and maintain its position and speed.

Thanks to our partners: Set Designer, Josh Zangen; Lighting Designer, Nick Whitehouse; Production Manager, Robert “Hydro” Mullin; and Photographer, Ralph Larmann. 


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