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As the world’s first hyperreal wing suit simulator, visitors to JUMP by Limitless Flight will feel the adrenaline rush of BASE jumping without any practice or risk. JUMP offers the opportunity to ascend the mountain of VR potential and take the leap into a simulation that provides the exhilaration of BASE jumping in a safe and controlled environment thanks to a combination of TAIT technologies and real-time simulation



Women in wing suit
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As the world’s first hyperreal wing suit simulator, visitors to JUMP by Limitless Flight will feel the adrenaline rush of BASE jumping without any practice or risk. JUMP offers the opportunity to ascend the mountain of VR potential and take the leap into a simulation that provides the exhilaration of BASE jumping in a safe and controlled environment thanks to a combination of TAIT technologies and real-time simulation.


We have been involved in the JUMP project since its conception. The TAIT-designed rig physically hoists guests off the ground while the gaming engine and motion control system allows users to steer through the mountain tops and tree lines on Notch Peak – the second tallest pure vertical drop in the US.


This is an unusual application for TAIT Navigator™, but one which fits its capabilities well as it captures the rider’s real-time motion and provides accurate live position control in the VR simulation. TAIT’s innovations developed for JUMP have several pending patents that will evolve the future of physically immersive experiences in virtual worlds.


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