Museum of Feelings


The Glade Museum of Feelings is an interactive experience built to showcase the connection between scent and emotion.



TAIT provided a pop-up structure, TAIT Mag Deck and interior experiences for the museum, and would like to thank our partners: Designer, Rockwell Group; and Producer, Radical Media. The concept of the museum is a series of rooms that convey a particular feeling through a multi-sensory experience that culminates in highlighting one of five scents in each room.

A structure and experience that truly is the first-of-its kind, the exterior of The Museum of Feelings will change color based on the mood of New York City. The mood is determined using the sentiment of conversations on Twitter, coupled with local news and trends, including the weather, stock exchange fluctuations and flight delays.

“Walking through the Museum of Feelings is about wallowing in whatever the room is trying to do. The first room, Optimism, is a prismatic spray spinning around the room. The next, Joy, is a forest of green LED vines dangling from above and reflecting from the mirror floor below. Invigorated has light halos at your feet that pulse as you close in on the scent lamp, while Exhilarated is a kaleidoscope of mirrors, a fractal dome [of sorts]. And finally [there is] Calm, or the cloud room, a warm purple globe with cushy carpet and a fog machine. And, of course, accompanying each room is a particular scent Glade feels evokes that emotion.”

– Fast Company


Glade Museum of Feelings

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