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Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup 2019 showcased the world’s elite Fortnite gamers in epic scale. EPIC Games collaborated with Steve Kidd, Designer and Creative Director, Guy Pavelo, Designer and Lighting Director, and TAIT, the Staging and Automation Solutions Provider, to create an immersive Fortnite experience shared between gamers and a live and streaming audience.



TAIT x Fortnite World Cup 2019 - Photo Credit Epic Games 0064 - Web
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To meet the design and creative expectations set by EPIC, Kidd and Pavelo, TAIT manufactured and engineered a two-story player stage for the Fortnite World Cup 2019. The player stage featured 100 custom gamer stations built to look like surfaces from the Fortnite game. The upper level of the player stage features 44 gamer stations and the lower level features 56 gamer stations. Each gamer station included modular desks compatible for single and dual use. Additionally, TAIT created custom scenic elements, such as treasure chests and wooden boxes, that served as storage space for additional gear.

To give the audience the full gaming experience, the entire player stage was surrounded with LED video screens so the audience won’t miss a single move made by a gamer in any given game. A focal point of the player stage was the massive LED video screen that hung overhead and displayed gamer statistics, points, standings, broadcast commentary and live in-game video content. Each side of the central LED video screen had an automated video screen supported by 4 Nav Hoists. When cued by TAIT Navigator, both automated video screens lowered into place and displayed video content specific to each match. When not in active matches, the automated video screens lifted up inside the central LED video screen until the next match. After each game win, winners walked down an LED video runway leading to the winner circle stage, also provided by TAIT, to celebrate their win and receive trophies and prizes.

Additionally inside the stadium, TAIT supplied a b-stage for broadcasters and a custom scenic DJ booth inspired by Fortnite’s DJ, DJ Yoder. Outside of the stadium, TAIT provided an additional b-stage and video wall for broadcasters to interview gamers and review instant replays after each match.

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