Soul2Soul World Tour

Faith Hill + Tim McGraw

Country music’s power couple, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, kicked off their Soul2Soul World Tour 2017 in New Orleans.



Soul2Soul World Tour

Thank you to our partners: Production Manager, Arthur Kemish; Tour Manager, Chris Littleton; Co-Production + Lighting Designer, Mark Butts; and Production Designer, Raj Kapoor.

TAIT manufactured a highly-customized main stage in the shape of the Soul2Soul logo. The fully loaded main stage had three custom lifts and was outlined with LED video tiles. The center stage tri-lift, which was a three-tier lift shaped like a triangle, lifted the artists 8 ft. above stage level. Along with the tri-lift were two custom downstage reveal lifts.

Soul2Soul World Tour

For their initial reveal, Faith and Tim stood on their lifts while shrouds concealed each lift on stage. As they rose to stage level, the shroud lowered to reveal the artists to their fans.

The duo described their highly anticipated tour to Nash Country Daily, saying, “We can’t wait to just get on that big stage and show everybody what we’re gonna do… It’s always fun to just play the music, but when you have all the accouterments to go along with it, as an artist, you enjoy it and you get to see… every now and then when you’re playing a song and something cool happens lighting wise you’re like, ‘Wow, that was really cool.’ We’re going to have a lot of those moments that really inspire us to raise the level of our game.”

For what Hill described as “really cool, surprise moments,” TAIT fabricated a mother grid of rigging components that housed multiple scenic elements, including 11 active lighting pods and a triangular-shaped LED chandelier, in addition to the world-reveal of TAIT Rollios, which put a mechanical spin on the traditional Roll Drop, allowing each Rollio to open and close from any area in space while projecting video content.

One of the Soul2Soul World Tour’s must-see moments was when Faith and Tim gifted their audience with a soulful performance of It’s Your Love. As the country music icons sang to each other, snapshots of their family projected onto 14 TAIT Rollios that descended from the mother grid overhead.

The couple concluded the Soul2Soul World Tour with an intimate performance on the center stage tri-lift, where they sat together holding hands. As the lift rose, Faith and Tim sang I Need You, while two prismatic triangles moved above their heads.

All of the surprise, must-see moments of the Soul2Soul World Tour could not have been done without state-of-the-art technology in place. TAIT Navigator, a proprietary automation software platform, was pre-programmed to control the movement and automation of all TAIT assets.

Soul2Soul World Tour

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