Expo 2020 Dubai

UAE Pavilion

The UAE Pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai tells the story of the UAE’s journey from past to present, linking its history with the vision of its leaders to create a progressive nation that has major ambitions for the future. The pavilion was conceived by award-winning Swiss architects Santiago Calatrava LLC and, to reflect the UAE’s ambition to constantly keep moving forward, was designed in the shape of a flying falcon, adding to the complexity of the entertainment space inside the building.



Our Dubai office was contracted to design and build the centerpiece of the UAE Pavilion; an immersive pearl-shaped theater. The Pearl offers an unprecedented guest experience, using immersive technology to enhance the audience’s enjoyment of the show.  

The Pearl is surrounded with video screens and features a custom-built lift, SWL rated at 43 metric tons. It safely carries up to 200 people to a height of 6.5m during the performance and finishes with the audience exiting at the top of the pavilion. With performances completed every 7.5 minutes, that means around 100 shows per day and eight performances every hour. 

We are proud and honored to work with the UAE Pavilion. Our vast experience in delivering large-scale automation projects along with our Navigator Automation Platform made us an ideal partner to deliver this grand scale national project. When running 100 shows a day for 26 weeks, you need to make sure everything works perfectly at every show. That’s what we deliver through the Navigator platform.” – Matthew Tonks, Senior Bid Manager at TAIT 

Due to high duty cycles and long operating hours, it was essential that we provided high quality and durable parts, engineered to minimize maintenance and any potential down time.  We ensured that in the unlikely event of an unexpected power failure or other emergency, the audience lift can be moved into position manually to allow the audience to be evacuated safely and quickly. 

The lift was designed and fabricated by our UK teams in Neasden and Haverhill, with rigorous FAT testing ensuring faultless reliability over the life of the installation. Our TAIT Navigator Automation Platform™ provides smooth automation control of the lift, syncing with lighting and video via timecode to ensure precise, split-second timing. Our onsite team worked closely with the UAE pavilion’s design team and other contractors to integrate TAIT Navigator with the audio-visual system and other safety operation systems to deliver a breathtaking experience.  

UAE Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai
UAE Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai

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