Malmo, Sweden

Eurovision Song Contest

For the Eurovision Song Contest, a catwalk led to the B-stage; integrated into the B-stage was a triple scissor lift that could move up to 6 meters above the arena floor. TAIT manufactured a 450 square metre rolling main stage, including a downstage apron, pantograph stairway and four flaggapault lifts.



Two 14 metre tall scenic arches integrated with lighting elements which were positioned to frame each side of the stage. A 45 metre wide ground-supported scenic landscape projection wall sat behind the arches.

Sixty two kinetic sculptures were also hung from variable speed ‘Micro Winches’ throughout the Malmo Arena. 48 of the octahedron shaped units were suspended over the audience, with the remaining 14 units hung over the mainstage.

“TAIT’s innovations, quality, precision, and finish were just stunning. I’ve never seen anything even close to this level of performance.” – Ola Melzig, Technical Director

Thanks to our partners: Technical Director, Ola Melzig and Production Designers, Frida Arvidsson and Viktor Vrattstrom. 



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