Wonderland Tour

Dreams Come True

In the spirit of flying high to achieve your dreams, Japanese band Dreams Come True literally took flight during their Wonderland tour.



Dreams Come True

TAIT manufactured and engineered a 3D performer flying package and provided automation control for the band’s 2015 Wonderland Tour. This project was particularly unique, as the set design was complex and included a 19 ft. circular video truss, in addition to a balloon structure which deployed 20 ft. roll drops at various times during the show. With the video truss located 52 ft. above stage and the balloon structure 131 ft. above stage, programming the 3D performer flying rig was especially challenging as the fly space was very limited. Despite the physical challenges, TAIT successfully executed a total of four flights, with TAIT Navigator operating the automation.

For the first flight, TAIT flew lead singer, Miwa Yoshida, in a white gown through all four points of the arena while the band performed on stage. This intricate flight was programmed to fly Miwa from the top of the video structure (52 ft. above stage) to roughly 2 ft. above the audience and back up above the rigging lines, without interfering with the video truss or balloon structure.

TAIT flew Masa Nakamura, the band’s singer and bass guitarist, on a platform while he performed his set. Masa’s flight was programmed to fly him high above the audience in between the video truss and the balloon structure.

Similar to Masa’s flight, TAIT flew Miwa around the arena on an LED-lit, rotating bicycle while performers rode bicycles on stage. It was performer flying at its best and Miwa’s excitement lit up the entire arena.

To display her 134 ft. long red dress, TAIT Navigator was programmed to fly Miwa around the diameter of the arena as her dress flowed beneath. With Miwa flying above the video truss, crew members onstage followed the flight path and held her dress down to create a flowing, princess-like display.

Dreams Come True performer flying
Dreams Come True

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