Music of the Spheres World Tour


From indie darlings to stadium-filling rock gods in a career spanning a little over two decades, Coldplay’s ninth studio album, 2021’s Music of the Spheres, shows just how far they’ve come. We were thrilled to work with their team to design a spectacular show that’s tailored to the iconic British band’s unique aesthetic. Initial conversations began prior to when the live entertainment industry was stalled due to COVID-19, which made it an even greater honor for our US and UK teams to collaborate with Coldplay and get them back on the road connecting with their fans.



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In line with their latest album’s artwork and the vibrant atmosphere Coldplay invokes, this stadium show has a galactic theme with the spheres concept present throughout.

For this stadium setup, we created three circular Mag Deck stages, linked by runways to allow singer Chris Martin to move through the center of the audience as he performs. The mainstage and B stage feature custom scenic wings, while the C stage utilizes custom LED video decks.

All of the staging elements and fascia we provided were scenically painted with a black base and colorful patterns and symbols. The bold design made this huge stage come alive. Scenic soft goods facias were deployed around the edge of the stage and stair openings as they attached to our decks, delivering a consistent aesthetic throughout the show’s staging. In addition, the Mag Deck staging has a sprung floor for extra comfort during the band’s renowned high-energy performances.

"The sheer volume of staging and scenic elements made this a hugely complex show to put together. It was an exercise in collaboration, flexibility, and ‘can-do’ attitude from everyone on the creative team, which is exactly the sort of environment we thrive in here at TAIT.”

Suspended above the mainstage and in-keeping with the planetary theme, our custom-made laser mirror ball – fabricated by our Wakefield, UK team – lifts and rotates during the show.

The show opened in Costa Rica for two dates with reduced staging before moving onto Dallas with a full show. Following the Dallas show, the tour moved through the US, into Europe, before heading to South America in late 2022.

Thanks to our partners Production Manager Jake Berry; Designer Misty Buckley; and Lighting Designer Sooner Routhier.

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