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Celebrity Apex’s theatre is the brand’s most technologically advanced yet, with a new 110’ ft curved 4K resolution 3.4 mm pixel pitch LED Screen, composed of over 17 million pixels and built by TAIT. This state-of-the-art video wall is
  • made of up of 12 automated panels and 2 doors seamlessly incorporated into the screens
  • allows for ultimate flexibility and a variety of stage configurations and performer flying stunts controlled by TAIT Navigator
  • a new 20’ diameter, 28’ tall circular scrim and 8 Panasonic 20K laser projectors for projection mapping to create a 360-degree wrap-around picture
A nearly 20-foot tall scenic Tree featuring a canopy of LED leaves is a new iconic scenic element featured in one of Apex’s theatre shows. This one-of-a-kind, scenic installation:
  • Weighs approximately two tons
  • Composed of over 4800 LED leaves
  • Plays an integral part as an enhanced prop for entertainment programming
Apex’s other venues on-board, the Eden and the Club, feature TAIT’s performer flying winches operated by TAIT Navigator.

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