Houston, TX

Alley Theatre

Alley Theatre is an 800 seat regional theatre located in Houston, Texas. This historic small theatre won a Tony Award in 1996. The venue, originally built in the 60’s, was completely renovated from the concrete up with the addition of a fly gallery.



Alley Theatre

With its extensive expertise in stage technologies and theatre automation, TAIT provided a theatrical automation system, which includes 28 stage line-set winches, 4 sidebar winches, 3 front of house line-set winches and 4 point hoists. The winches are all BT winches, the biggest of which moves approximately 900 kg at 2m/s. The front-end is TAIT Navigator, using a Compass, an Atlas and a Polaris.

Thanks to our partners: General Manager, Ten Eyck Swackhamer;
Associate Director, Kevin Rigdon; Associate Designer, Kevin Rigdon; and Theatre Consultant, Bill Conner.

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