Jon Emerich takes over & shares his work space

Meet Jon Emerich, Procurement Manager at TAIT. On his episode of TAIT Take Over, Jon shares his daily sourcing and purchasing responsibilities and explains what it’s like to work with various departments on touring and permanent installation projects.

You can rely on the teamwork here to make sure that you are successful in coming up with the next greatest thing.

My name is Jon Emerich and I am the Procurement Manager at TAIT.

Procurement at TAIT means involvement.

We become involved from the beginning of a show  to buy materials and subcontracted items.

We work with every department here. Starting out with the designers and sourcing materials for projects. We work with the project managers as well as the fabricators to develop a schedule to make sure that we have everything here on time.

I work on projects for touring, permanent install projects, as well as, operational demands here and at remote locations.

We run into different challenges every day. With the drake show that just recently loaded out, we had a last minute request to add some basketball nets to the show.

“Hey, my name is Jon and I am with TAIT. I am calling to see if I can find a basketball hoop that is 72 x 42 but it has to have a poly-carbinate backboard and I need it in stock today.”

We ended up sourcing that to arrive here the next morning.

My favorite part about working at TAIT is the large, diverse group of employees that we have. We have a lot of people with a lot of knowledge in so many different backgrounds.

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