Alex Rodriguez Takes Over and Wins at TAIT Tetris!

Q: Ever wonder what it takes to tour a concert around the world?

A: It takes a user-friendly packaging system created by TAIT and an expert Packaging Specialist like Alex Rodriguez (also known as TAIT’s very own ‘A-Rod’) to be able to bring the biggest, most spectacular concert tours to a city near you!

In this episode of TAIT Take Over, A-Rod invites you to play TAIT Tetris and learn what it’s like to design and pack our gear so efficiently that it can travel the world and load in and out the same way, every single time.

Hi, I am A-Rod and this is my TAIT Take Over.

I am a Mechanical Designer, Packaging Specialist here at TAIT. As a Packaging Specialist, I work on every tour that leaves TAIT.

The pack affects not only us, but it also affects everybody in the production.

TAIT has created its own packaging system. It’s kind of like TAIT Tetris. You can think of the set carts like TAIT Tetris pieces. We can arrange them in the truck and make our packs as efficient as possible. The goal is that our gear is packed so efficiently that it can travel all over the world and go in and out the same way every time.

After a project is handed off, I am kind of seen as a Project Consultant. I work with all of the design groups to make educated decisions on how to design our gear so that it packs up efficiently.

As a project continues to develop, I work with design and integration to help get the gear packed up and out of our shop. I work closely with Braden in Labeling. He creates all of the labels that go on our  set carts as well as all of our gear. The biggest thing is that labels help everyone understand how to set up our gear everywhere in the world so that language is not an issue.

I also work with integrators, project managers and road crew to explain how the carts and trucks get packed up. When the show is ready to load out,  I make sure that all of the gear is packed up in the right carts. That way, when we load out of our shop, everything is in the right order when it goes into the trucks.

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