About TAIT

  • 1400+ Employees
  • 20 Offices
  • 30 Countries
  • All Continents (and even outer space)

We set the standard for world-class live experiences.

We bring extraordinary ideas to life, collaborating on visionary concepts, and delivering precision engineering, technical innovation, manufacturing, and production. We engineer complex movement for artists, brands, performing arts spaces, and venues around the world with our industry-leading show control and automation technology.

A global team of planners, creative engineers, fabricators, technologists, and producers, we have more than 1400 employees in 20 office locations across the globe. We’ve worked in over 30 countries, all seven continents, and even outer space for clients including Taylor Swift, Cirque Du Soleil, The Metropolitan Opera House, NASA, National Geographic, Beyoncé, and The Olympics.

Founded in 1978 by Michael Tait, TAIT made its name in rock ‘n’ roll, cementing its status as one of the most innovative suppliers of touring staging, scenic, and automation over the following decades. We’ve delivered a host of groundbreaking live events, including U2’s 360° tour beamed from outer space and Metallica’s Freeze ‘Em All show in Antarctica.

Over the years, we’ve branched out into live experience production for theaters, cruise ships, and theme parks, delivering projects around the world thanks to our global reach in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

In 2014, our one-of-a-kind production community Rock Lititz was born: a one-stop shop for live experience collaboration, with design, manufacturing, engineering, and rehearsal spaces all under one roof. TAIT is a cornerstone Rock Lititz community member.

We’ve been scaling globally since 2012, welcoming the best in the business into the TAIT Group. Most recently, we’ve brought on four new companies. In 2016, productionglue, an award-winning, US-based experiential agency joined our family. Then in 2019, Brilliant Stages, a market-leading staging design and production company, and Kinesys, a global provider of motion control technology products for the entertainment industry, were welcomed into the fold. In 2021, ITEC, a global leader in innovative, themed entertainment solutions, joined the TAIT Group.

Today, we are the market leader in live experience design and production and continue to drive innovation across the industry, challenging the impossible for our customers every day.

The TAIT group is composed of like-minded companies operating as one cohesive group in the live entertainment space. We share a passion for creating groundbreaking experiences and together, our work makes lasting memories for thousands of people around the globe. If it’s live, we’re there.

For over 15 years, productionglue has been collaborating with innovative global brands, including Nike, the NBA, and Visa; creating some of the most talked-about entertainment events on the planet. In 2016, productionglue became part of the TAIT Group, using TAIT technology to produce immersive virtual and in-person activations, and helping A-list celebrities, global CEOs, dignitaries, and world leaders shine from center stage.

Kinesys is a global provider of automation systems to the entertainment industry, with a client list that includes iconic venues and world-renowned touring artists. Kinesys offers hardware and software products that allow designers to realize their creative visions and venues to support outstanding shows and events. Kinesys pride themselves on their vibrant community of users, service-driven approach, and proactive attitude to customer feedback.

ITEC Entertainment is a global leader of themed entertainment design, technology, and project development solutions for the leisure, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Founded in 1985, ITEC has delivered over 300 guest experiences that ignite the dreams of people all over the world, spanning theme parks; real estate development and mixed use; resorts; entertainment centers; rides and shows; cultural attractions; and themed retail.

Founded in 1983, Brilliant Stages has grown from a two-man operation in a shared warehouse to a global player that’s helped the likes of U2, Beyonce, the Rolling Stones, Cirque du Soleil, and the Olympic Games create epic structures, advanced stages, and spectacular motion. In 2019, the Wakefield, UK-based team was acquired and formally became part of the TAIT group.

Thinkwell Group is an award-winning global experience design and production agency. For 20 years, the multi-disciplinary team has created compelling experiences for a wide range of clients and brands around the world. Thinkwell’s creative, collaborative team brings extensive experience in the strategy, planning, design, and production of theme parks, destination resorts, major branded and intellectual property attractions, events & spectaculars, museums & exhibits, expos, and live shows.

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Featured Project

Tokyo Tokyo Special Festival...

Part of the UK’s contribution to the Tokyo Tokyo Festival Special 13 was “The Constant Gardeners”, a large-scale outdoor art installation capturing Japanese culture and art in a Japanese Zen Garden in homage to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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Featured Project

Eric Church - Gather Again...

Having worked with Production Designer, Butch Allen and Tour Manager, Todd Bunch on Eric Church’s shows for over a decade, TAIT was the go-to staging and automation vendor for the 2021-2022 Gather Again arena tour. To set this tour apart from...

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Featured Project

Maroon 5 - MMXXI Tour

TAIT has been working with Maroon 5 for many years, and we were thrilled to be brought in when the band needed a fresh look for their MMXXI 2021 tour with Blackbear.

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